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    Much writing has been dedicated to the problems with how rape is used to motivate characters in our favorite television shows, particularly Game of Sex and Violence. Generally, women get raped and men get motivated to grow as characters because of that rape. Source: Some Showrunners Are Banning Rape as a Plot Device on Their...

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    Warner Bros. and director Patty Jenkins broke a superhero glass ceiling that should have been shattered long ago. Source: ‘Wonder Woman’ Is a Milestone, But It Shouldn’t Be | Hollywood Reporter

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    Hollywood often cites box office results to explain the lack of diversity on screen, but take a closer look. The numbers argue in favor of diversity. Source: The Five Lies Hollywood Tells Itself – The New York Times

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    Sometimes when you’re having a conversation — let’s say about how women are treated in Hollywood — it can be hard to come up with anything but generalizations. Even though it’s completely accurate to say, “Women TV characters are usually white,” or, “Female directors aren’t getting the same opportunities as men,” sometimes you need a number to really drive...

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    A new generation of female artists is making VR the most diverse corner of the male-dominated tech space. Source: In Virtual Reality, Women Run the World — The Cut